Personification of the Eternal Night

Darkness before Chaos

7 October
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This is a journal for my INNER most thoughts. All the things I will be writing in this journal are increadibly private, but need to be said, for my own healing. But because Im am puting so much of myself on the line... I have a few Journal Rules:

1: I will be using real names. First only of course... but I dont want to deal with using code names, and the issue of privacy is why I am not sharing this journal with any of my friends... So if you happen to find this, and you dont like that I am using you name. Im sorry. But suck it up, and dont read.

2: If you know me IRL and happen to stumble on this journal... dont tell me, please. I will feel far more free to write what I have to write if I dont know you are reading. Feel free to read on... just dont let me know. Ignorance is bliss.

3: I am going to talk about some hard stuff. If you cant deal... Im sorry... My other journal is probably more your pace.

Thats about it... Nothing too bad....